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The Peaceful Change is Coming

If you've had enough of the current system, the reckless political decisions and corruption and being daily plundered, we offer a real solution!

For the entire history of mankind, the power always has been centralized in the hands of a few. Today the Internet for the first time provides the opportunity to change this. And we offer to make this organized on

4.April 2014

in 3 simple but uneasy steps:

1Do not pay your taxes for the year of 2014.

2Draw all of your savings at this date.

3Insist in any manner to replace the government by an online software symbiotic system for ideas, decisions and votes.

The software will allow a kind of a permanent referendum – something that recently was unthinkable. Below are explained all the basics.

Step 1: Suspend the payments to the state.

Purposefully stop the payment of all your obligations to the state for the year of 2014 (or only those of them you have the courage to): taxes, social contributions, fines, licenses. The only thing you risk is to pay interest or penalty, otherwise you'll be continuously robbed throughout your whole life.

Step 2: Draw all of your savings.

Banks are the real masters of the world today. The banks create slavery, based on debt. This is done by loans, interest and other financial instruments, inconspicuously depreciating the value of money (creating inflation), and rob you every day without notice – little by little.

Without your savings, however, the power of the banks is zero.

Also: get rid of any participation in banks and large financial institutions (by shares or otherwise), if you really want to go further – stop paying your obligations in loans.

Today's cash reserve ratio of the banks (cash reserve ratio) in different countries usually varies between 0 and 15% (with few exceptions). This allows literally creating out money from nothing. But in this case, their advantage will turn against them: the low cash reserve ratio means that if only 5% of people take action, the likelihood of the system failure will be over 90%. And what if 10% of people act, or even more?

Advice: if you wish, draw your savings in advance, as you leave a minimal amount of money on the abovementioned date. The only important things is to show simultaneously our silent protest.

Step 3: Replace the government by an online software symbiotic system for ideas, decisions and votes.

Even if the previous two steps are partially successful, the government will be enervated. Then it is the time to insist in any manner to dismiss the government and to introduce the symbiotic software (downward it will be named this way) – a tool that will allow everyone to participate truly in the management of his/her homeland.

Insist to comply with the following terms and conditions:

  1. Formation of 2 temporary expert teams to have the sole purpose of the creation of the symbiotic software.

    These teams (up to 15 specialists in every team maximum) will have no authority, no hierarchy, and the software project will be created in the terms of cooperation, which can be easily achieved by using specialized software (today there are many software programs for collaboration – so called Collaborative software).

    Why it is necessary to have 2 teams: surely this will provide competition in both of the teams; also it will allow two different approaches to the creating of the software. Moreover, each team will understand in depth the possible problems of the new system and could better evaluate and provide suggestions for improving the final software. Furthermore, the individual teams will reduce the possibility of corruption.

  2. Creating measures to control the work of the teams.

    To make sure that the teams work diligently and give the best of themselves, take several steps to control:

    • The teams' work must be monitored in public and any proposal by any developer must be available online.
    • The newly created symbiotic software must be open source and to be based on PHP/MySQL and Linux server, as they are the most popular and the largest number of external experts will control it.
    • The programming code of the symbiotic software should be published every week in an officially declared website and must be a subject of debates in a discussion forum.
      Remember – the open source is your ticket to the true freedom.
  3. The symbiotic software must meet the following requirements and have the features:
    • It must be simple, well-structured and easy to use at a glance.
    • It must have a summary module, which is the ultimate objective of the whole symbiotic software. It will represent the output of the valid votes at the moment, which will play the role of regulations, rules and guidelines.
    • It must have the following sections, at each of which must be set options to giving suggestions and ideas, solve them and vote by every person, who lives in the country:

      1) A section for improving the symbiotic software itself – in this section the software will be put to a test and to a continuous development and improvement of the security, functionality and flexibility. The outsiders will suggest non-standard ideas. This will be a way to control the symbiotic software by the society, not only by its creators.

      2) Legislative section – every legal document must be distributed in the respective category or section and could be subjected to change or substitution by alternatives from every citizen. The decision with the biggest votes total will be effective.

      3) Scientific and technical section – similar to the previous one, but divided by sectors and areas of the science and the technology. It will provide exchange of ideas, solutions will be discussed and which one is best will be voted.

      4) A social section – the problems of the society and social structures will be discussed and solved the same way.

    • Citizens should be able to change their votes at any time. Everyone should be able to easily change his position on an issue – the life is constantly changing, so our views must be a subject to change.

      Example: in the Road Traffic Law is put to vote the maximum speed limit in the urban areas. There are various suggestions from different people:

      * 30 km/h * 40 km/h * 50 km/h * 60 km/h * 70 km/h * 80 km/h

      Or recalculated in miles per hour (1 km/h = 0.621371192 mph):

      * 19 mph * 25 mph * 31 mph * 37 mph * 43 mph * 50 mph

      km/hVotes total
      km/h Votes total after 1 year


      Initially the suggestion of maximum speed of 40 km/h is accepted. In practice, however, it appears that for the most people this is too slow, also the traffic jam significantly increases and the accidents are not declining. Gradually (e.g. after 1 year) the people change their minds and the suggestion of 70 km/h receives the biggest votes total.

    • Maximum security measures and immediate feedback, to protect the vote of every citizen registered (voter). Such measures are applied today in some websites (e.g. in electronic payments):
      • Any attempt to access with a wrong password must be reported to the user's email.
      • For every ballot, suggestion and decision that a voter makes a copy must be sent to the user's email.
      • The physical data and the database should be located on several mirror servers (e.g. in every major city). This will control the falsification of the data.
      • Anyone at any time might check the entire database and all of the files of the system (read only access). A detailed list with the votes for each proposal must be displayed into the website. This will obstruct any attempt to corrupt the administrators and the specialists in maintenance. The only data that must be reasonably inaccessible in the terms of security are the passwords and the email addresses of the registered voters. Every user might have an option to hide his real names – in the database will be shown his username instead (if he/she wishes some anonymity).
      • For everyone must be provided the opportunity to vote with an electronic signature. In a further moment a list of IP addresses must be created for everyone to vote from; and a single vote will be valid if given from them only. So the attempts to trade accounts will be minimized. Later, when everyone realizes how important his vote is, would hardly sell his account.
  4. For those who can't, don't want or are unable to vote through the Internet, must be created a vote centers network in every city, town and village, where they could vote or could be served by an operator. The operator does not have access to the password of the voter – the latter enters it himself or by an authorized representative.
  5. In these centers every person will be checked initially in order to confirm and activate his vote ability.
  6. Qualitative and comprehensive educational movies must be created about how to work with the symbiotic software, which should be free and open to everyone. They should be available at the voting centers too.

How can I help today?

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't it too easy to hack any software?
It depends whether it is well programmed and tested. Prior the heavy tests, there will be bugs and opportunities for hacking, but they will be cleared gradually over time. Think about that – every bank relies on some software – if the hacking was that easy, whether would it be that way? Moreover, even the hacked system will be easily recovered from the created backups, e.g. twice a day.
How the people, who are unable to use computers, will vote?
Such people will be served in the voting centers (they will exist on every location) by an operator. The only thing they need will be to be able to enter the password (this could be done by an authorized representative). Over time the number of such people will decrease, because the society will take care to teach them in a computer literacy.
How the possibility of corruption in the teams of programmers will be avoided?
The current system is easily accessible for corruption, because the power is held by those who create the laws. And the laws are created in a way to obey the rulers' interests, which makes them virtually untouchable.
In the new situation the team of programmers has no power – it is just a public procurement contractor. There are a lot of methods to select the staff for the teams. If you need an example – the easiest way is to announce the nominations in a forum or in a group of some social network, and to raise votes for each one. Another example – do organize a sort of mini-elections to vote for the developers with CV applications, the latter will be announced publicly.
Subsequently, their work will be permanently watched publicly as explained in Step 3 – point 1, 2 and 3. If there are any violations ascertained, the unconscientious individuals will be excluded from the team.
We are the 99% of the people, why don't we act now, but must wait for 4.4.14
There's a time needed to spread the word and give the chance to people to convince themselves, that the idea represented here is a feasible and viable option. If we act together and simultaneously, the purpose will be achieved much easier than we can even imagine.
The world lately is constantly in crisis. Does this campaign have something to do with this?
The world is in crisis because the monetary system is designed in a way to actually trade with money (creating up huge finances from nothing). This sounds simply, but it creates a permanent inflation, which rises exponentially. This system gradually eats itself alive and we are all paying for this. But this is not the only problem.
In the last century, mankind consumed natural resources recklessly (more than during its whole existence), the rarer of which resources already are running low (e.g. some minerals), and the most common are becoming more expensive and hardly accessible (e.g. wood and most of the metals). If we do not make a transition to a new social system peacefully and do not stop this squandering of valuable resources in a publicly organized way, it will inevitably lead to unprecedented bloody wars for resources. We just don't have any choice.
How to avoid the votes from those, who do not understand the matter in some area? Wouldn't we have too many wrong decisions?
May be there will be such cases, but it is more likely to be exceptions (today they are common). The new system will affect all areas of life, and it will be difficult for one person to range over everything – it is more likely for a person to have no interest in a specific issue, rather than an interest to vote for things that do not interest him and he does not understand them. Moreover, when a decision does affect his life and the lives of his relatives for real, one will approach each problem much more responsibly.
Does a similar model of a country, self-governed through software, exists somewhere nowadays?
Yes – in Iceland.
In the year of 2008 its government brought the country to bankruptcy by a number of financial machinations. Consequently a huge burden of debt fell on the society of Iceland, which would enslave the people of Iceland for decades. A similar thing happened later in Greece, which sank in deep crisis. But the people of Iceland united and voted together through social networks and refused to pay the debts of the handful of culprits. Instead, they declared them personally responsible and convicted them, and the governing was overtaken by the people through the Internet. In less than three years Iceland managed to emerge from the crisis and achieved an economic boom.

Future opportunities


Explore the alternatives that offer variety of human rights movements. Meanwhile, do not let your access to websites be destroyed by the introduction of laws such as ACTA, SOPA or PIPA, which under false pretext of protection of copyright and overrated security, destroy the little of the remaining freedom.

Today a division between people is deliberately being created. The principle of "Divide and conquer" exists in every aspect of our life. We are the 99% – if we unite for a few months only, our lives will transform much faster than we can even imagine. The human is extremely adaptable – that's why he is the master of the Earth. It is enough to get a tool for the freedom to achieve it. Now we have this chance and it is real.

Talk to other people about this issue – relatives or strangers, family and friends – show them the light into the dark tunnel of the present system. They have the right to know. And sooner or later they will understand, just give them a chance to be themselves. Today's exhausting pace of work commitments is created artificially by the system – this way there is no time left for realizing even the simplest truths. Do not let your life pass by in the daily routine. We all deserve it! Let us believe in ourselves and in the change – peaceful, without violence, without bloodshed.

When the time comes – try to remember these 3 steps.


This website and its contents are completely free to use, study and distribute. Alterations to its meaning are not allowed, as mentioned here. Changes to the website are permitted only within the addition of a new translation/language, as the starting point and primary language is English. The language of the home page can be substituted with another by the judgment of the distributor of the website. The ideas in this website can be borrowed and used in any way that contributes to the greater good of the humanity.


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